Q: Is the manipulation of the temperature of the modeling clay allowed?

A: Yes. The heating and cooling of the modeling clay is allowed for all of the shapes.

Q: Is the use of brand name plasticine required?

A: No. Any generic modeling clay may be used for the competition.

Q: Are we required to remove the object from the location that it is being worked on following the completion of the process? We’ve noticed that the horseshoe, unless picked up from a few different points at once is very hard to move.

A: You can leave it at the current location. The judges will come to your location. 

Q: We have been considering scanning the robot for dimensional accuracy during the process.  Unfortunately after exhausting our options within our budget and capabilities we’ve ended up with a handheld scanner as our only option.  Would this be acceptable or would it break the rule of being hands off after the process begins?

A: Scanning can ONLY be done by a handheld scanner.